Longknifes Defend the Legation!

I’m so pleased to announce that mid-April, there will be a new book for your reading pleasure!

This book is set during Stalwart. It features Grandma and Grandpa Trouble watching Kris’s kids while she and her troops go off to fight. Kris thought it would be a good thing to have her grandparents, both veterans from the old Iteeche Wars, on hand in her absence. It’s the start of a separate series from Kris, called Longknifes Defend the Legation.

Here’s the advertisement for the book:

Grand Admiral Kris Longknife is rampaging across the stars, kicking butt and taking planets away from the Iteeche rebels. She asks her grandparents, Gramma and Grampa Trouble, to came out to spend time with her kids while she is gone.

Meanwhile, back on the Iteeche Imperial Capitol planet, intrigue and power plays continue. Within fifty kilometers of the Imperial Palace are a dozen clan factions who dream of seizing the purple from the hand of the young Emperor.

The Human Embassy once more comes under siege. This time, however, the entire Legation District, all thirty-six blocks and three million Iteeche must be protected.

Meanwhile, the kids are left on their own. Sneaky parents should not be surprised to discover that their kids are just as sly as they are. Before too long, Little Ruth and Johnny, along with thirty of their Human and Iteeche friends, are in way over their heads.

Can Little Ruth keep her friends alive long enough for Gramma Trouble to race to their rescue?

Can Little Ruth, not yet eight, learn the hard lesson of being a Longknife?

This action-packed adventure of just under 100,000 words is a great parallel story for Kris Longknife Stalwart that shows just what measures need to be taken to keep the home fires burning, because – Longknifes do what they have to do . . . no matter the cost.

~ ~ ~
It’s currently available for pre-order through all your favorite retailers, currently for e-book at $5.99. Print will hopefully be released on April 15 with the ebook.