Short Stories:
“Summer Hopes—Winter Dreams,” Analog, March 1991
“Friday Night is Date Night,” Aboriginal SF, Summer, 1992
“One Picture is Worth . . .,” Analog, Mid December, 1993
“Touch a Star,” Analog, February, 1995
“A Day’s Work on the Moon,” Analog, July/August 2000 (on the 2001 Nebula Award ballot)
“The Job Interview,” Analog, May, 2002, (made the Nebula first ballot)
“Faith to Move Mole Hills,” Oceans of the Mind, Spring 2002
“A Bad Day All Around,” Oceans of the Mind, Summer 2004
“The Strange Redemption of Sister Mary Anne,” Analog, November 2004 (on the 2005 Nebula Award Ballot)
“What Wise Men Seek,” Analog, December, 2004.
“Lasso the Divine Wind,” Time after Time Anthology, Marty Greenberg, Ed., November 2005