Kris Longknife Relentless turned in

Relentless was turned in to Ace on time. It will be the October 2015 book. It is one whale of a book. All kinds of challenges for Kris including a whole batch of battles, both spoilers and the big event you’ve been expecting as well as civil and personal. Boy is there a personal challenge for our Kris. More about it as October 2015 gets close. Now on to finishing Vicky Peterwald – Rebel. Boy is that gal growing up. It’s either grow up or die.

Vicky Peterwald – Survivor is in the works

Survivor has been accepted.  We’ve discussed the cover, likely Vicky will be wearing something like the Dinner Dress Uniform from Target.  They’ve also already got the inside cover blurbs done.

I’m now concentrating on getting Kris Longknife Relentless ready for delivery in October. My second reader returned it today and didn’t see any rough spots from where I cut out 20,000 words. I’ve saved at least two chapters and I’ll post them on this web site next year after it comes out for you to get some extra story.

Both books for next year are moving along fine.10

Books are coming at you.

The galley proofs KL Tenacious are done and the book is available for early order in October. Last week I turned in the rewrite for Vicky Peterwald – Survivor. Now I’m doing an edit for next years Kris Longknife – Relentless. Boy does Kris have a lot of problems to juggle!

What do you think of Vicky?

I’ve got a lot of comments about Vicky. For someone who just kind of walked into Resolute as an echo of “There is another one. He has a sister,” she’s developed in a lot of ways, most not so good. But her time with Kris has opened her eyes a bit and what with her stepmommy dearest out to kill her, Vicky has to change or die. What do you think so far?