Kris Longknife: Resolute

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Kris Longknife: Resolute

Kris Longknife has been given her first independent command in the very remote system of Chance, an assignment that's as much exile as promotion.
But Kris isn't on the job long when she captures pirates hiding the location of an uncharted and unpopulated planet of miraculous technology.

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About the Book

Kris Longknife has finally got herself an independent command. Problem is, she’s a Lieutenant and it’s an Admiral’s billet. And the last occupant, a lieutenant, just retired after fifteen years in the job. Hmm. Oh, and when he heard a Longknife was his replacement, he retired all the reservist working for him. Kris’s command isn’t just independent . . . it’s solitary.

Despite still being a lowly lieutenant, Kris has finally been given her own command, of the space station High Chance. It's too good to be true, actually, as it's clearly intended to be an assignment-cum-exile, for High Chance is something of a backwater station, whose previous crew completely abandons it before Kris arrives. She is determined to do the best job she can, anyway. As is its wont with her, trouble follows Kris, and while proving herself a real naval officer rather than "just another Longknife," she and her crew must contend with obsolete equipment, disappearing jump-point buoys, pirates, the discovery of some spectacular alien technology, and the political intrigue that comes with the Longknife name. Shepherd's grasp of timing and intrigue remains solid, and Kris' latest challenge makes for an engaging space opera, seasoned with political machination and the thrills of mysterious ancient technology, that promises to reveal some interesting things about the future Kris inhabits.
– Booklist
An Engaging Hero
– SFRevu

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