Successor – Book Revision

This post concerns a revision to the book, Kris Longknife’s Successor, the latest Kris Longknife book. We have uploaded a revised copy, which has a few minor content revisions to the text. After speaking with the eBook distributors, the consensus advice was that you, the reader, should archive and then delete the old file, then you will be able to download the new, updated one, for free.

For those of you who got a different book, I apologize. We held the space open with the description of Successor and the text from the 2nd book in the series which was a similar length to allow for pre-orders. When we uploaded the final copy before release, this was corrected, so I’m not sure why an incorrect copy was given. Please be sure to archive, delete, then update a new copy.

Thank you for your readership. The process of self-publishing is a constant learning curve.

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  1. Ah, ok. How do we identify the correct version? The one I got started like this in a rather abrupt way:

    Kris Longknife’s Successor
    by Mike Shepherd.

    Chapter 1

    Replacement had a few pages at the beginning with copyright etc and Admiral in contrast was beautifully formatted with TOC and everything.

    • New updated copy was loaded today. In the copyright section in the front of the book, it will be Version 2.0. Give a couple of days for the upload to take effect. Thank you for your question and your patience.

      • Right, thank you very much!

        Stupid of me as well, forgot to say I am using Kobo if that matters (originally the Sony store but got migrated when that closed).

        I had missed Relief earlier since searching for “kris longknife relief” on Kobo yields other Kris books, only “mike shepherd relief” will bring it up in a general search. Someone might want to update the metadata a bit so that the exact right apostrophe is not required.

        And one other Kobo related question. I just compared what I got that way to the previews on Amazon for your latest books and wonder if I should expect First Christmas, Maid Goes on Strike, Among the Kicking Birds and Replacement to be identical in content on Kobo? Relief and Admiral is actually identical, but those others not very much…

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