Kris Longknife: Emissary at a Special Price!

This month marks my three year anniversary since I’ve gone independent and created my own publishing house, KL & MM Books!

When I started, the first Kris Longknife book to be sold was Emissary. In it, Kris goes to the Iteeche planets and assists them in the defense of their child Emperor. We quickly see why she becomes the fightingest Admiral in the galaxy!

When I first posted Emissary as an eBook, it sold for $6.99. In honor of my 3 year anniversary and the holiday season, I’ve decided to mark it down to $2.99 and make it exclusive to Kindle Unlimited.

Happy holidays and thank you for reading!

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Kris Longknife: Stalwart is LIVE!

On December 5th, we opened Kris Longknife: Stalwart for sale.

Many years ago when I wrote Furious, I really wanted Kris in a Kimono because she was on Musashi meeting the Emperor. ACE said no – they always went with “Girl with a Big Gun.” They put her in fatigues, with a big gun and a pagoda in the background. I was greatly disappointed, and have been wanting to see her on the cover ever since.

This book, we are thrilled to be working with a new cover artist, Lee Moyer. He has made my dream of seeing Kris on the cover in a kimono come true!

As I’ve read your Facebook and blog questions, many of you have asked about the title. This book in the Kris Longknife saga has gone through a couple of working titles. I started with Victorious, then switched to Valiant. My assistant and one of our readers pointed out that the word Valiant was reminiscent of the Finest Generation in World War II, and Kris hadn’t been victorious in quite that way yet – so we chose Stalwart. In this novel, you see her as steadily fighting, steadily protecting, and growing increasingly uncomfortable with the experiences and processes of Iteeche politics. She plods on – in a stalwart manner, hence the title.

In this book, not only do you have the usual space battles, but you have a hostile take-over of Arteccia, which Kris recently liberated, the kid Emperor coming out to play, and an assassination attempt! You also have a really fabulous scene where Kris and two of her staff meet with the Iteeche in kimonos, hence the idea for the cover of the book.

This book is the longest yet, just over 140,000 words of action-packed adventure, space battles, Marine battles, and threats to the lives of those Kris not only loves but has sworn to protect. Because of its length, we had to increase the price by $1, but that covers the cost of paper, ink, and in the case of the ebook, editing. I’d like to thank all of you who have bought the book – we’ve sold 2,200 in the first week alone!

I’ve started on another book….stay tuned here for more details!

New Relase – Kris Longknife: Stalwart

I’m so happy to be able to post Kris Longknife: Stalwart for pre-sale! Look for it over the next few days from Amazon and your other favorite eBook retailers.

Here is the temporary cover and the ad copy:

The foolish Iteeche clans that hauled Grand Admiral Kris Longknife back to the Iteeche Capital and interrupted her campaign against the rebels, are dead. Very dead. Their clans are disgraced and their palaces in ruin.

However, while Kris was
handling that noise, the rebels took back one of the planets she had
recently captured, Arteccia, and are planning to take more. Now it’s
time once more again for Kris to kick butts and take names.

However, life is never easy for a Human in the Iteeche Empire.

The Clan Chiefs expect Kris to retake what the rebels took from the loyalists because that is the Iteeche Way. That is a tune she will not dance to. So, the Clan Chiefs play their ace: Do what we want, or we won’t give you command of our ships.

To their consternation,
Kris does not give in. She gives them a literal middle digit salute and
invites every minor clan to join the fun and games of capturing planets
and gaining plunder.

Not surprisingly, the rebels have used their
time well and they have their own plans for Kris, plans that should
leave her fleet in ruins and the young Iteeche on the throne dead.

Unfortunately for them, their plans can’t really hold back Grand Admiral, the Stalwart Kris Longknife.

Note to Readers: Stalwart is the longest Kris Longknife book yet, with approximately 155,000 words. This is half-again longer than the books I wrote for ACE 20 years ago. Consequently, the price has increased by $1 for the ebook – $7.99 up from $6.99.

Those of you lovely readers that love to blow through my books in one night might want to allow for two, or a weekend. Also, we also have acquired the services of an outstanding artist, Lee Moyer, for our covers. All your pre-orders will have the final cover in early December for purchase!

Kris Longknife: Commanding Available for Pre-sale!

Kris Longknife: Commanding, the latest new novel in the Kris Longknife series,  is up for pre-sale with Amazon and Kobo! It is the same length as Admiral, so the price will be the same at $7.99 for ebook and $14.99 for print.

Commanding will go live on May 1, 2018. Here is a short teaser for the book:

“Grand Admiral, Her Royal Highness Kris Longknife is up to her ears in problems . . . again.

While summoned to the Imperial Iteeche Court to be humanity’s Emissary, it turns out that what the Iteeche really want is a fighting admiral!

You see, they’ve got this huge civil war going, and the Imperial side isn’t doing so well.  Kris now has command of the entire Imperial Combined Fleet.  Sort of.

The Iteeche Empire has a ten-thousand-year long history.  There is nothing that won’t say, “We’ve always done it that way,” pointing to a track record lasting for thousands of years.

Even when Kris reminds them they’re losing, many have a hard time changing.

Many Iteeche also wonder if letting a human win this war for them isn’t to lose everything already.

Kris managed to win a defensive battle with a scratch force.  Now she’s thrown together a larger force and is ready to take the fight to the rebels.

It’s full speed ahead with Kris Longknife: Commanding.”

Kris Longknife Commanding cover

Kris Longknife’s Successor: Grand Admiral Santiago on Alwa Station COMING SOON!

Coming out on February 1 is the third book with Grand Admiral Sandy Santiago serving as Kris Longknife’s Relief, then Replacement, and now Successor on Alwa. She has all the challenges a gal could ask for. Granny Rita is on the rampage, and the cats have gone on strike. Leaving the Colonials to deal with Granny Rita, Sandy heads off to work with the cats, only to discover she is not the only one who has a bone to pick with them – alien monsters have a vendetta as well! Sandy has to work to find a way of peace among the Alwans, feisty cats, and a new alien race.

You can pre-order on Amazon!