Cover art for Kris Longknife’s Replacement

replacementglow_2400_6x9-1That’s Grand Admiral Sandy Santiago. She’s a gal with a problem. Can a mere mortal fill the shoes of not just a Longknife, but Kris Longknife. She’s got birds and cats and murderous aliens to deal with. Oh, and Granny Rita. Thank God she has several of Kris’s team to help

Coming as an e-book in January 2017. I hope it’s in audio book, but it’s not under contract yet. A paperback will follow later in the year.

12 thoughts on “Cover art for Kris Longknife’s Replacement

  1. JACK

    Ok, this is interesting. But I’d like to know more about how you see this book going; Kris is a pretty clean cut hero type, Vicky was clearly intended to be darker. Obviously, given the setting, you intend a more space battle-focused text. Is this going to focus on santiago personally or more broadly on the progress of the war you set up? Its an interesting strategic problem; at least two inhabited worlds to defend, a very limited production base, an unreliable and erratic stream of reinforcements and a slowly adapting and increasing threat. I think the story of the war could carry the book on its own, frankly. I’d like to see the friendly aliens fleshed out more. I have wondered what it would look like if we stumbled over a world in the process of demolition; it would would probably take decades to really kill off the entire population of an inhabited world. Trying to rescue survivors would be a really difficult challenge if you assume they really do harvest inhabited worlds to build new motherships. The infrastructure they’d have to build in orbit would make it a major industrial centre for the BEM’s, which would in turn make it a priority target….

    Like I said, I find this entire concept interesting. There’s a lot of places you could take it. Looking forward to it.

  2. David Flood

    As said in a previous book, “Every Longknife needs a Santiago”…even if it is to clean up after them…

    Now…an idea for a book in about 5 “book years” would be for the new Ensign Longknife and the previously mentioned “entering the Academy” Santiago to hook up…

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Sorry, James, my bad.

      This is the first time I’ve loaded up a book for pre orders. I loaded the cover, and then I loaded 4 chapters to tease you. Well, what don’t you know, they didn’t give you access to the tease.


      The book is a full fledged novel at about 250 pages or so. I’ll load the full novel on January 4 and they’ll distribute it to pre orders on the 5th. I’ll do better next time.

      1. Duncan

        Weeeeelllll You could always post the teaser chapters here. What could go wrong with that? Wait, Forget I said that though it is probably to late to avoid a Murphy summoning.

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Freddy, check the most recent thread for instructions on how to get the 4 chapter mistake off you reader and the new 40 chapter book onto it. I hope this helps.

  3. Richard Darby

    I am wondering if you are no longer publishing in paperback format. It appears that the last 2 books Santiago and the Iteeche war do not have thesenough as options. Is this so?

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Paperback books cost me about $1000 more to format and get into print. I’m trying right now to earn enough money on e-books to have enough to do the paperback books. I’m aiming to have paperback books for all three of this years first books, Replacement, Enemy Unknown and Emissary about the time Emissary comes out in May. I hope this helps.

  4. Phil H

    Hi Mike,

    I just finished Replacement. Loved the story, but I was irritated by all the typographical errors. I reported 84 errors from the Kindle, and could have reported more.

    Is this because of the move to self-publishing? If you want a proof-reader, I’d be happy to volunteer.



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