Kris Longknife – Bold is out there now.

KrisLongknifeBoldKris’s next adventure should be reaching stores today. Those of you who preordered an e-book or audio book will have it showing up, too. Here’s the story of just why King Ray ordered Kris to rush home. He’s got a new job for her that she’d have to be crazy, dumb, or the boldest gal in human space to accept. And poor little Ruthie, who can Kris leave her with while she heads back out to be an action adventure hero? Looks like Ruth will have to learn early how one of those Longknifes stays alive.

Feel free to talk about it here. Unrelenting got a one star review from a guy who thought Kris getting pregnant would ruin the series. What are your thoughts?

16 thoughts on “Kris Longknife – Bold is out there now.

  1. Duncan

    The guy that gave her a one star is crazy in my opinion. It was definitely a new slant on the series. I really enjoyed Bold. I foresee if you keep the series going long enough or do a time jump Kris taking over Ray’s spot and poor Ruth in Kris’s current spot. But then that might be a little too close might be Ruth’s kids that would work better. Hmmm I will have to think on that but listening to Kris’s thoughts when something triggers a memory from her time with Ray would be funney.

    1. jack

      In slightly more depth….

      I liked the fact that kris didn’t leave ruth behind. Kris is incredibly arrogant, basicly ordering a warship (which she does not own) re-designed on the fly to meet the needs of her and her child, as well as pulling a massive entourage of nannies and civilian negotiators on board with her and blithely ignoring the normal duties of a staff officer in command of a detachment. I mean, at what point did Kris find time to sign the pay stubs, authorise replacement parts, obtain legal authority to take warships through allied and non-allied space, or just generally do the paper-work? An admiral would be expected to have a seriously large staff of JO’s trailing her around for all this endless management crap. Presumably Nellie takes care of most of it…

      And yet, frankly, it fits. Kris’s best trait is the way she totally ignores what bureaucrats, lawyers and navy regs expect and demand of her and simply focuses on what she considers the Important stuff, like actually getting weapons and warships built on time instead of respecting patent law or who technically owns the design. You can imagine the screaming coming from earth as the design of their ultra high-end, presumably incredibly expensive new armour is released on a public network and handed around like the answers to a class test. Navy regs are stupid, hidebound and often counter-productive and kris basically picks the ones she likes and overrules the rest with a wave of her royal hand, and to hell if she actually has that authority.

      Kris is basicly an aristocrat. She has an ego that would make Donald Trump blink. she is demanding, pushy, and automatically assumes she’s in charge of everything, which is the flip side of her thinking she’s responsible for everything as well.

      that got a little overlong, rambling and off topic but I hate editing.

      I liked that Kris kept ruth. The impact of motherhood on her should be part of her character development and not just brushed away because it makes her life complicated. It is a huge time and effort commitment but it doesn’t mean her life and career are over. I liked that Kris is seeing her parents and grandparents as more than a problem to be run away from. I look forward to seeing how her extended family cope locked in a room/planet with her, considering how much better she is at stomping hard on obstacles and egos now. I expect the navy brass will come to appreciate her tender, gentle approach to delays, ass covering and obscurification. One wonders where Wardhaven obtains its phosphates from? There must be a few remote islands covered in bird crap that need a flag officer’s supervision….

      On reflection, they may be desperately trying to kick her off planet before too long.

      I meant this to be pros and cons, but I keep getting sidetracked. anyway.

      Cons; what about Emperor Harries kid; who controls the sprog now? That’s more of an open question for later, but the kid did get lost in the conclusion.

      The naval battles were, well, lacking in drama? it’s hard to get excited when the other side has no effective means to shoot back. I would have expected the Empress to be packing at least a few 22 inch guns, if only because whoever is providing her high tech support presumably is well informed about new weapons tech, and also because it would have injected a bit of much needed tension if they enemy had some effective weapons of their own.

      I liked the exploration of what smart metal could achieve. It really would be a magic building material, although you would need a smart and creative computer to make the most of it as kriss does. Harry presumably intends to build a palace out of it if he can, considering how impressed he was. Yet more money he doesn’t have, of course.

      I think Vicky deserved more depth. She comes off as a slightly over eager fan, instead of the hard bitten, driven young woman we saw in her series. Of course, she may just be pouring on the praise because of how much she needed Kris’s support, which fits with vicky’s well honed skills at manipulating people. Getting Kris in her corner had to be hugely important to her side.

      I’ll finish with a speculation. crossenshield has to be behind the high-tech support for the empresses faction. Its clear she wasn’t in control of it; she didn’t trust it enough to leave her armoured golf cart, it was only present sporadically, and left her vulnerable repeatedly. and it started ON WARDHAVEN, when Kris was arrested. That implies a small team, operating in support of activities like the assassination attempt on kris that opened “Audacious”. Whoever this is, they have a formidable intel operation to know about attempts like Vickys hired thugs ahead of time but are unwilling to put themselves anywhere near the money trail or someone who can id them. Te have a techbase that can not only match but keep up with nelly, despite her upgrades; that implies a serious industrial base. It has to be someone on Wardhaven and crossie is the only one with the intel, access to cutting edge tech, and presumably just a handful of trained Black Ops tech specialists willing to commit treason.

      Crossie has the motive. He could have arranged most of the political maneuvers that saw Wardhaven stripped of its fleet; and greenfield was so technically backward he could likely have manipulated them easily considering how terrible their anti-nano gear is. He would have been left as the power behind two empires. And as King Longknife’s left hand man, he controls practically all the information flow. Of course no investigation gets anywhere!

      This went on way too long. but if you read this far, hey, I like the books. They fire my imagination. thankyou.

  2. Daryll

    Just finished Bold. Another excellent continuation to the Kris books, and I’m overjoyed to know more will come. I loved the moments when she basically stood up and said, hey, watch this, it’s really cool, and proceeded to unload those 22’s. Probably the first time they’d actually been used against human ships, but they really were asking for it. The galaxy in crisis, and they’re doing what?

    That aside, it was a really well-paced read, and the initial parts left me wondering if it could ever be worked out. The magic of Smart Metal never ceases to amaze. However, the whole time I was reading I was wondering…

    Just where are those other forty-odd alien base ships and what are they up to? i know the galaxy’s a big place, but the gauntlet has been thrown….

      1. mikeshep Post author

        You’ll want to read Kris Longknife’s Replacement, coming from KL & MM Books in January, 2017. Grand Admiral Sandy Santiago is discovering just what she got herself into when she was ordered to fill Kris Longknife’s shoes. It’s got birds, cats and alien monsters galore. I think it’s a good kick off for my new line of books.

        1. Duncan

          I do intend to get the book. I just think Kris won’t be willing to be left out/able to avoid not doing the killing of the last alien mothership. I don’t know what you have planned for Kris in her upcoming books but at the moment I can’t see anything taking the title of Worst/Archenemy away from the alien mothership.

  3. Bobbie

    I was really looking forward to this one as I am to all of the Kris Longknife books. However, once I had it in my possession, I held it. I admit I was nervous about starting this one because almost everyone, all of her support except for Jack, decided to move on with their lives without her. I guess she was the reverse of Ray in this book. Ray lost his wife to Alwa; whereas, Kris lost everyone left to her except her spouse (and Nellie) to Alwa.

    Now that Kris has been separated. Now that the team has been reduced back down to two (the original number). Kris has to start over. She has started team-building again. I have high hopes that the new Longknife will survive her. Also, besides the nannies, she seems to be the most likely to stick around for awhile. (A side question: Does she have to have security, too? If she’s Ray’s grandkid through Alnaba, she should be “a serving member of the blood” having to have personal security same as Kris. Or, does it have something to do with her not having a “Princess” attached to her name – though if you want to get all lawyer-y, the language said “blood” didn’t it?)

    With the peek provided into what’s up next, I have the hope that not all of her new long-term teammates will be human. Do the cats, dogs, and birdies get Iteeche embassies, too?

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Hi, Bobbie, thanks for the thoughtful note. I hadn’t thought about Megan being of the blood, and maybe even a princess. Hum. I feel a rewrite coming on for Emissary.

        1. mikeshep Post author

          Trust me, Emissary will be out in May. The first book of the Iteeche war in March and Kris Longknife’s replacement with Sandy Santiago and a lot of the gang that stayed behind will be my first novel in January.

          A lot to enjoy.

  4. Duncan

    Yipppee!!! There is a chance that in mid May I may have to house sit a farm for two weeks. Only catch is they don’t have either satellite or cable, just broadcast. So aside form chores or a bar over 30 mins. away reading is the only thing to do up there. The nearest city that has a movie theater or anykind of nightlife aside from a bar is about 2 hours away. Hence why I am sooooo excited for this book. (Maybe you can turn out a book every other month so they get published every other month? 🙂 )

  5. mikeshep Post author

    Duncan, that’s what I’m aiming for. Kris Longknife’s replacement in Jan. Enemy unknown, the first book of the Iteeche war in March. Kris Longknife – Emissary in May, then do another Alwa book in July, Enemy in Sight in Sept, and Kris Longknife Admiral in November.

    Then I hope to do something like that again for 2018. Great reads coming!

  6. Duane

    It was good to have a book that I did not want to put down. I see new characters with future potential. The conflicts were not just the usual battles, but conflict by many other modes. Great dialog, frequently funny. Good pacing, few or no dull moments. Many differing subjects, including the challenges of child care. The difficulty of solving problems by other than a gun. One suggestion: the covers need to age Kris a bit. A bit more angularity of maturity.

  7. Ignacio

    I criticised the last book, it felt… not enough Kris Longnifed.
    Now, this book I really enjoyed. It was fast, with a bang, and it truly felt as the main character is developing.

    And now you tell us we will have three more books between now and May. I am a fan of youra, truly, even if I started reading this series in Spanish and wish more were translated.

    My favourite scyfy book series. Wonder why with all the new scyfy tv shows and movies, nothing comes out of your books.


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