Audible books are coming!

Audible e-mailed me to say that all three of this year’s books are being worked on and they hope to have Emissary up when the e-book comes out. Those of you listeners won’t have to wait much longer.

2 thoughts on “Audible books are coming!

  1. Heather

    You might want to check Amazon for the following:

    Kris Lpnglnife’s Maid goes on Strike: Like on Alwa Station (Kris Longknife)

    As you can see the Longknife is misspelled 🙂

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Yeah, my fingers wandered off the home keys and my right hand did what it darn well wanted to do. I corrected the title first, then saw I have like instead of life. They’re fixed now and should be straight in a bit. Wouldn’t you know. Amazon was the only site that happened at. Oh bother.


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