Books up for preorder at Amazon and the iStore

I’ve put up the next three months of books and stories for preorder if you read the kindle or iBook. The first book of the Iteeche War, Rita Longknife – Enemy Unknown will go live March 1
Kris Longknife’s Bad Day is a short story about Kris’s desk job and why she comes to hate it. Budgets! It will go live April 2, Kris Longknife – Emissary is set to come out May 1. All are in place and will not have any of the problems Replacement had. I can learn when hit in the head with a hammer.

Now to finish Sandy Santiago’s next story for July.

14 thoughts on “Books up for preorder at Amazon and the iStore

  1. Duncan

    Yeah I can feel Kris’s pain with paperwork. At least she has Nelly to help!! I do have to wonder what is big enough to get her out from behind the desk and back into action. I know you won’t give spoilers but I have to wonder. Though I can probably safely say it will be something of Longknife proportions!

  2. G

    “Rita Longknife – Enemy Unknown” seems to have disappeared from the U.S. iBooks store rather than going live. (I preordered it, but the charge & download didn’t ever go through; it doesn’t look like it ever became available.)

    FWiW, I’m grateful to you for bringing your books to iBooks. Several other authors I’ve enjoyed in traditional pub. have gone Amazon-exclusive, which is always frustrating. I was thrilled when I saw I’d still be able to follow your work.


  3. G

    Btw (sorry for the double post), will “Kris Longknife’s Assassin” and “Kris Longknife’s Bloodhound” eventually be coming to iBooks?

  4. Keith Yarnell

    Mike – sorry to be the bearer of bad news… I have preordered Rita Longknife: Enemy Unknown from iBooks. Although I can see in my personal book library the cover with the note it is pretty-ordered, it seems to have been either removed from the iBooks store or it is moved to a store other than the US store. When you click on the pre-ordered title in your personal library, it just comes back “this item is unavailable in the store”.

    Please feel free to bounce back to me or pass my info along to one of your techs if you need someone to check after the issue is repaired. Looking forward to the next books!

  5. Ulf

    At Kobo I found Enemy Unknown and the rather unexpected Kris Longknife: Among the kicking birds (Yay!). No preorders for the others available there.

    Formatting looks fine on both, but no TOC:s. Oddly enough both of them (and Replacement actually) have a “1” at the top of the text title page?

    Oh, and Replacement v2 never made it onto Kobo as far as I can tell

      1. Ulf

        That sounded odd and looking back into some emails from Kobo I see that I preordered (among others) Vicky P: Rebel. I guess they have different rules for books coming from the big publishers…

    1. mikeshep Post author

      My intention is to see all this years books available for Print on Demand in a trade paperback format. I just need to make some money off of them as e-books in order to afford to print them.


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