Amazon says it needs 7 MORE days. That’s it.

The latest word one of you just got from Amazon is that they can’t solve the problem for at least 7 more days. I can solve it in two, maybe less. I can withdraw Replacement from sale. I can then reload a file, call it Replacement II and you should be able to get it in one, maybe two days from Amazon.

This would require you to return the defective file. Get your money back. and buy a new file. I’m willing to lower the price by a buck to thank you for your loyalty.

What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Amazon says it needs 7 MORE days. That’s it.

  1. Robert Sanderson

    I’ve already returned my copy to Amazon and got my refund so I’d prefer if you carried out your fix so I can read the book in 2 days not 7. Please.

  2. Edwin

    That would leave the customers who are not aware of what you are doing; replacing the title with a new title, with a defective copy.

    1. Joerg Mosthaf

      Hmm, nope, just redownloaded it and still only 177K

      on the topic: I can wait – I still have a lot of other books to read 😉

  3. james

    yeah ended up buying it from the kobo store, stripped the DRM and emailed it to my kindle.
    going to be avoiding amazon for awhile after this whole thing, i’m a bit pissy with them

  4. Robert Sanderson

    DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON – THEY LIE! Having read the comment from LouisB I rechecked and the book is listed NOW at 231 pages. Yesterday it only showed 29. So I bought it for a second time. Guess what, it’s still only 29 pages long! So Amazon have updated the publication info but NOT the actual book. Please Mike, pull the book from Amazon. I’m returning it for a second refund.

    1. Jonathan Woodard

      I can confirm this. I purchased the book again because the profile was updated to 231 pages. The book sent to my kindle was still only 29 pages. I have returned it. I also recommend pulling the book.

  5. MickyR

    Personally I’m willing to wait and recommend that’s what you do. Imagine all the people who don’t know that this was the issue and wouldn’t know that returning/re-buying was the way to get the full book. How would you notify them all. The ones who know can be patient; the others should be pleasantly surprised when the whole book updates. If Amazon can resolve it transparently, I’d say go that route.

  6. Thomas Jackson

    don’t do this. If you do then those who have bought your book but don’t know about your blog will be stuck with the short version and no refund and always think you ripped them off. People here are over-reacting – we can wait an extra 5 days to get the full book. And Amazon may well be able to switch it quicker than that anyway and just say 7 days to give themselves cover in case something is delayed.

    I doubt that anyone will be seriously affected by the book being delayed another 5 days – and if they do they have bigger problems they should be worrying about. However, I think going with the 2 day replacement idea would mean that lots of people would never get what they’d actually paid for and your reputation might suffer as a result.

  7. kanel12

    plz do it you are wasting you reputation with this i think most people would appreciate a faster solution that 7 days(realy amazon?realy???)

  8. Robert Sanderson

    So what the heck do I do?? Anyone got any idea! Amazon are going to get annoyed if I keep returning the same book. At 9am GMT (UK) Amazon was showing the book as 231 pages but the copy I then bought was still 29 pages. Now Steven Rose bought it at 11am (no idea what time zone) and got the whole book. Mike says Amazon have told him 7 more days before it’s fixed. Frankly, I give up.

  9. Steven Rose

    Robert, it was 4 am Wednesday GMT.

    That was my first attempt at buying the book. Perhaps the fact that I hadn’t bought it before then meant I didn’t have any link to the short version?

  10. Peter 1025GMT. Update has worked. Now have full book.
    This morning just received email from Amazon explaining update available.
    Strangely if I just deleted from device and reloaded still got the sample.
    Email did exmaplin that if I have automatic update switched off had to login into “Manage Your Content and Decives” and click new update button to right of the book.
    Then, when I deleted and reloaded book I received to full copy.

    Looking forward to reading 🙂

  11. LouisB

    The update is on TY. I am reading it, very good so far, But thinking back to my high school Latin, it should be ” persona non grata”, not gratis, which means free of charge in French.

    The book is very much worth the price of admission, TY

  12. Joerg Mosthaf

    I just re-downloaded it on and it looks like it is now ok. 365 pages instead of 40, 350KB instead of 170KB.

  13. David


    Could someone let me know when everything is fixed and stabilized (for so that I may purchase the book.


  14. mikeshep Post author

    I”m not sure exactly what is going on. I’ve returned Replacement and bought it again twice since the number changed to 231 pages. Each time I got the 4 chapter version rather than the 40 chapters. I’m just guessing here, but I think we need to wait until Amazon sends us an update button before we can get the new version. I’m just guessing here. Has anyone who’s returned a preorder or early buy and bought anew actually gotten the correct version?

    Alternately, you can contact Amazon customer service and get them to push the full novel to you.

    1. Terry Dean

      The correct version showed up on my kindle this morning (0900 Jan 12 CST). I had previously contacted Amazon support with little effect, but was not informed before the update. I was just too happy to see it to ask questions.

  15. hocine

    do as peter explained in a preview post.

    if you have already bought the e-book:
    on your amazon page clic on “account and list” and select
    “Manage Your Content and Devices ”

    you will see your kindle e-book list with a Update button on the right for Kris Longknife’s replacement.
    Clic on it

    then on your kindle or other device delete the e-book and reload it.

    now you have the book with all the 40 chapters.

    if you by the ebook now you don’t need to do all that.

  16. Robert Sanderson

    I have just bought for a third time from Amazon UK. Still only first 4 chapters. I cannot be bothered to keep chasing this. Will return it again and wait till next month when maybe things will be sorted.

  17. mikeshep Post author

    For those of you in this thread, I’ve written out the instructions for removing the old 4 chapter version and then loading the new version. If you have any problems, leave comments in that thread.

    Thanks for you patience,

    Mike Shepherd Moscoe


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