I’ve got a disaster on my hands.

First, I’d like to thank the 1100 of you who downloaded Replacement from Amazon in the last 24 hours. Now I’d like to apologize to you. This is my first go at using Amazon’s pre-order system and I will do it differently next book. I loaded what I thought were the teaser chapters and Amazon didn’t use them. Then, 5 days ago, I loaded the full book. Yep, full 210 page 60,000 word book! After I got word today of this disaster, I reloaded the full book. When I preview it, all 210 pages are there. When I bought a copy, just like you. Nope 40 pages or so. I’ve got a call in to Amazon. I’m waiting for a call back. I’ll let you know as soon as I know that the entire book is up there and how to reload it. For now, fell free to return it.

26 thoughts on “I’ve got a disaster on my hands.

  1. Duncan

    You are not the only one that has had problems with Amazon. Another author I read refuses to use Amazon to publish his books. (http://deprima.com/forum/index.php?topic=237.0) And 210 pages? I think (not in a position for several more hours to check) my copy from B&N was only about 190 pages. Though I freely admit it might be just formatting on my Nook. I will check when I get home.

  2. JACK

    pity, but excreta occurs, as they say. best of luck ,and I wouldn’t stress too much. If you’ve pre-ordered a book you’re probably hooked on the series already. Fans can forgive a day or two’s delay.

  3. mikeshep Post author

    Thanks, crew, It seems one of my fans does have an in with Amazon. He’s asked them to clean this up and it’s supposed to be going faster. Still, it’s not there yet. Dang, I so didn’t want to spend today not writing.

  4. Ignacio

    Keep calm and carry on.

    With the amount of books you are delivering this year, mistakes are bound to happen. But we will enjoy Kris Longknife universe more than ever.

  5. Anonymous

    I keep watching the negative reviews piling on.

    I bought the book earlier today, before I left for work, when I finished reading it, I left a negative review. That was 7 am on Jan 5.

    I don’t know what is wrong with you. You need to take this abortion off amazon NOW! You are damaging your reputation every minute that abortion is active.

    1. mikeshep Post author

      Dear Anon,

      I don’t want to take it down. In a day or so, Amazon will get its act together and those that have their Kindle set to accept updates will get the entire file. If I take it down, that breaks the chain. Some folks are waiting for the update. In the mean time, anyone who goes to the books page has a clear warning that it ain’t right. One star is one hell of a review.


        1. Myz

          I don’t see how this would have that great of an impact.

          1 it’s a mistake that the authors working to correct
          2 it’s more of a side story so fans of the main series would still continue to read those books
          3 the authors actions are towards the most benefit of the customers and not himself

          Heck Mike could even add an explanation at the beginning of the next book for those who didn’t buy it and don’t go back and check on it or other books.

          I just wish Amazon wouldn’t restrict authors from using kindle unlimited if they listed there books on other sites.

  6. Barry

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when people flip-out over such small issues, but wow, from the reviews you would think that the author just assaulted and robbed a bunch of folks. It is not as though the author and Amazon are conspiring to defraud people of $4.99.
    So you are going to have to wait a few more days before you can read the book? Poor you. Is it disappointing? Sure. But, calm down and stop giving the book bad reviews due to an Amazon technical glitch.

  7. Robert Sanderson

    Any idea how long it’s going to take Amazon to fix this book? I bought it on the 5th from Amazon.co.uk and returned it for a refund before seeing this blog. Now I’m wary of buying again until I hear officially that it’s been fixed.

  8. Alan Elford

    I’m most pleased to find you haven’t died. You’re two years older than me, and I’ve been noticing a lot of people in our age group who are dying.
    Thanks for the apology, but it’s the careless people at Amazon who I blame. I’m sure they will blame some poor schmuck who was posted to a job well over their pay grade while others took Christmas off. Of course if you put someone in a job they are not qualified to hold, and disaster ensues, whose fault is it? I’d say blame lies with the CEO or Board Chairman of Amazon myself. Oh, it’s the same guy. How convenient. Can’t see him apologizing to you Mike or to me. Maybe he has a secretary or office gofor (my dictionary says that’s a synonym for ‘dogsbody’. Maybe I should use that word instead.)
    1100 sales? At least they are probably all fans of your books and Chris Longknife so maybe your rep won’t be too badly damaged. My negative review on Amazon was the second one posted of the two which are there. Have they stopped us from posting? Better they fix the download and give us what we expected.
    Best wishes and many more books. I hope 2017 goes better for you than it started.
    P.S. I’m not an Amazon shareholder, fortunately.

  9. mikeshep Post author

    Please, Anon. If you pirate the book, it’s from me and my income crashes and I can’t afford to keep writing. That is how Kris and her friends end. Remember, now it’s personal, I’m paying the artist, the editors, everyone involved. We really need the income.

    Mike Shepherd.

    1. freddy

      your income will crash if amazon won’t put the complete book on the site.
      no more teaser chapters on amazon

  10. AR Schleicher

    Sunday evening and still no fix. 🙁

    @mikeshep: Perhaps you could set up something like: “Email me a screenshot of your order history showing you’ve purchased the book, and I’ll respond with a copy of the book for you to install manually?” Certainly a labor intensive, far from ideal solution, but it would at least allow your more technically savvy fans to enjoy the story they’re missing sooner.

  11. freddy

    4 days now and still no fix i have noticed the same problem exists at another seller 29 pages there to
    where can i get the complete book

  12. Robert Sanderson

    This is getting ridiculous! Just checked the publication details on Amazon.co.uk and I see it actually admits the novel is only 29 pages long! Wish I’d seen that before paying my £4 though I’ve got that refunded. I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get the book corrected.

  13. tuppenny

    Still no fix. I just got a refund from Amazon. Will Keep checking until the description indicates that the real book is available.
    Apparently there is no info readily available to the customer service people either ….

  14. Leon

    Talked to amazon today. They know of the issue but they don’t seem to know what they are doing. I was told fixed in 7 days or less but I’m not overly hopeful.


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