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What do you think of Unrelenting?

unrelenting_fcHere’s a place to talk about Unrelenting after you’ve finished reading it. Spoilers are allowed, so if you haven’t finished, you might want to stay away from this blog. For those of you who have, things have changed a lot for Kris, and it looks like more is on the way. What do you think?

Getting Ready for Fun

Today I finished the last revisions on KL – Fearless for Oct 16. Kris Longknife – Unrelenting will be showing up on your e-readers and Audible players on Tuesday. The 27th it should become available in bookstores as well.

If you want to read the first seven chapters of Unrelenting, Ace has it up on their website. Click through to Read an Excerpt for the first seven chapters. Please don’t click on Look Inside. There you will see the first two and a half chapters. After that comes the 600 pound spoiler. They included the last page of the book! Big mistake! It spoils the fun and suspense of the first quarter of the book. I’m trying to get it changed, but not yet.